What are Bain Capital pre-MBA private equity associate interviews like?

I often respond to questions from readers on the private equity interview process. Here is a question I recently responded to:


Q: What are Bain Capital pre-MBA private equity associate interviews like? 

A: I worked for a Bain Capital PE spinout previously, which was basically a huge “team liftout” from Bain Capital and Bain & Company, including the head of worldwide HR at Bain Capital and the former chairman of the Bain Capital management committee. They adopted a lot of the same screening, hiring, and training techniques that Bain Capital did, and here is what I encountered in my interviews.

The process was structured over 3 rounds, with the type of people at each step and the kinds of questions asked varying between rounds. It consisted of a heavy combination of case interviews, technical finance questions, modeling tests, and personal fit interviews to test 6 things:

1. Financial modeling
2. Operational modeling
3. Macro / market due diligence
4. Strategic analysis (as tested through case interviews)
5. Creating slide presentations
6. Personality fit

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